Olivier Cuilleras

Wine producer of organic wine in Visan since 2000.


History of wine estate “la Guintrandy”.

The vineyard has been a family property Since 1850.

Marie-Claude and Olivier Cuilleras are the fifth and sixth generation of owner winegrowers.


“La Guintrandy” is a wine estate situated on one of the most prestigious “terroir” or soils of Visan : “Le Devès”

He has been certified Organic Farming since 2009 


Our vineyard is entirely based on ” organic ” culture so that the produced wine looks like our soil (argilo- limestone).
The ground is plowed over all the width of the row and “soussolé” once a year to “décompacter” as a whole, to support its ventilation and to make it possible the roots to draw all the elements indepth.

We only use organic manures in case of deficiencies noted by analyses (vegethumus, composted local manure).

Phytosanitaries treatments (Mildew, oidium) are only containing soufre and

copper and always adapted according to climatic risks, the sensitivity of the plot and type of wine.

Harvest is made manually. Twelve to sixteen grape-pickers make up our team.

The name


is derived from the

Visigoth word


This place name being found in the archives of the abbey of Cluny, which owned the land in around the year 1000.

A well-preserved thirteenth century papal boundary stone marks the beginning of the domain and the borderline between the modern Departments of the Drôme and the Vaucluse.

Later in time the GUINTRANDY family, nobles from Visan were to become the owners of the land and to settle in the “Rue des Nobles”.

Though they cannot be raced after the middle of the XVIII centuries.

Sale of Côtes du Rhône Wines in Visan near 

Cairanne, Rasteau, Vinsobres, Suze la rousse

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