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Culturals methods of « Domaine La Guintrandy »

Olivier Cuilleras
Our vineyard is entirely based on " reasoned" culture so that the produced wine looks like our soil (argilo- limestone).
The ground is plowed over all the width of the row and “soussolé” once a year to “décompacter” as a whole, to support its ventilation and to make it possible the roots to draw all the elements indepth.

We only use organic manures in case of deficiencies noted by analyses (vegethumus, composted local manure). Phytosanitaries treatments (Mildew, oidium) are only containing soufre and copper and always adapted according to climatic risks, the sensitivity of the plot and type of wine.

Harvest is made manually. Twelve to sixteen grape-pickers make up our team.

Wine production methods
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Wine making traditional is made with “unballasting and daily reassemblies out” of cement tank of 50, 60, 100, 120 hectolitres.
Eighteen to twenty five days are necessary for soaking.
Temperatures of fermentation : from 25 to 30° C.
Wine maturation lasts 18 months on fine dregs, bottled without filtration.
Soil and subsoil are mainly made up of blue clay.
Wine yield : from 20 to 30 Hls per hectare.
Blending wines of grape variety : 90 % black grenache, 10 % syrah.
Vines ages for this vintage : 50 to 80 years.
Consumption between 5 and 10 years. Ideal temperature of service : 16° C